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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Watch Uthama Puthiran Online

Watch Uthama Puthiran Online, Dhanush and jenelia on uthama putiran ,the pair was superb and the film was the remake of telugu film ready.The story about as usual love story.In different dhanush in very rich family help his sister marriage and recpect her love and do necessary for his sister with hands on her boy friend.

Watch Uthama Puthiran Online - But ,the family will push dhanush and says no touch with them.As sudden dhanush in situation to help genilia who was kidnapped and she itself not in interest in marriage and she wants to fly to USA.Dhanush fall in love already at the first sight .The song shooted in bern for one dance, dhanush and genelia with yellow colur saree.the music by vijay antony.

Watch Uthama Puthiran Online Video Streaming

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