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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Facebook Numbers In Status

Facebook Numbers In Status? I don't know what about number in facebook status. but tonight a lot of people are curious about this Currently many people on Facebook have numbers in their Facebook status after the new Facebook Numbers Game that started yesterday.

I'll find out what is causing the Facebook Numbers In Status makes people want to know and look for it. After the Childhood cartoon characters on the Facebook Cartoon profile picture something new is going viral in the largest social networking site Facebook number in Facebook Status.

Facebook users are seeing the number of recent updates to Facebook Numbers In Status. “# 708 I’m in love”, 2349 This is a new day and I love my new job. “States like these are pumping on Facebook and when things hit new Facebook users appear to ride on the trend and adopt it as well. Although there are rumors that the cartoon characters on the photos Facebook profile was a hoax made by some people, the thing remains that Facebook users rebelled against child abu*e.

The figures on the state of Facebook is part of the “Facebook Game Number” which began last night. Many users are still confused about the trend and what the numbers mean. So how can the “Facebook Number Game” work? All you have to do is ask your friends what they thing about you and providing a number. The friend then gave the answer, and attaches the number of responses for purposes of identification.

We asked some of our friends about how they see this number on Facebook and one of our STC contributor has this to say: “I do not see how that number on the Facebook status is a benefit to someone. It is just a waste of time and an attempt by someone to create a pattern on Facebook Numbers In Status. ”
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