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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Less Ads for Loyal Visitors

Less Ads for Loyal Visitors

I’m currently testing my new plugin that check whether current visitor is a frequent reader / loyal visitor or not. The plugin has been activated on MOSTS and is based on the visitor’s pageviews within specific days. Frequent readers will get less AdSense ads on the index page and single post page.

The idea for this plugin is coming from Perfomancing ( The different, that article describes loyal visitor as a visitor who visit our post as soon as it published.

My thoughts are this; If a user is coming in 2 days late to a post, and is not logged in, they’re most likely from a search engine referal (you could even code that logic into it pretty easily using just the USER_AGENT string) and thus, they’re far less likely to become a regular reader than someone coming in from a link from another site.

As I said above, I took a different perception for “visitor loyality”. I describe loyal visitor as a visitor who visit several pages of my site frequently.

Do you have your own description for “visitor loyality”? Let me know :)

PS: the plugin is NOT released to public yet :P

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