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Monday, December 17, 2007

Looking For Success In Network Marketing!

After the 15 years in the Network Marketing Industry and helping mentor others to have success in this industry here’s some advice I can offer to those not only looking for a home based business in Network Marketing but more importantly having success in Network Marketing.

Here are a few things I looked for in a company:

1. Timing. Timing is 100% critical to maximize every leveraged dollar out of an opportunity. It’s extremely important to me to find and work with an emerging company that is more than a year old and hasn’t yet gone into critical mass, this is timing.

2. Product Line. The product line needed to be an extremely unique and consumable where people are willing to purchase the product month in and month out for a life time.

3. Upline/Sponsor. You need to find the right upline that will work with you and your personality. Chose an sponsor and upline you can trust that will be there to help you build you business. In network marketing you’re in business for yourself but not by yourself. Having the right sponsor and upline will be a major key to how much success you will have. Do your homework and find the group that has the most growth in the company. I’ve been a part of both in my experiences in network marketing, the top group and the lower group. I’ve had a lot more success when I’m with the #1 group in the company. The top group will have proven success systems and a formula for duplication. If you follow their system and do what they are doing you will have a higher chance for greater income.

4. Getting Started and Formulating a Contact List. Yes, it’s imperative to make a list of your top 20 prospects you would want as business partners and I can’t emphasize enough don’t prejudge anyone! If you have a tough time coming up with 20 names contact your upline and ask them for help, that is what they are there for, to help you out. Most successful networkers will provide the downline with free leads. We do that with our group. With our group we provide free leads for all those who want to be active in building a business. After the list is established it’s time to get to work and start calling on your prospects. You can come up with your own script or your upline leaders should provide you one. When making the calls if you’re not comfortable doing these calls by yourself ask your sponsor or you upline leader to do some three way prospecting call with you. If your upline is unwilling to make calls with you find an upline that will!

5. Fear of Rejection (Someone saying "no" to you). You’re going to get some no’s and your going to visit with some negative people at times, you can’t let this get you down as a person. An important solution to overcoming the fear of rejection was pointed out to me a few years back. I was told to put myself in a third person position, like an actor when prospecting. To better explain how to do this, prior to making telephone calls draw a line down the middle of a piece of paper, on one side of the paper write your name, on the other side of the piece of paper write your name with “the networker” behind it. When making calls you are “the networker”. Whatever anybody says to you as the networker should not have any effect on your wellbeing as a person. Remember, you’re a networker, any negative things said to you as a networker should not have any effect on you as a person.

6. When some gives you a "No", it means "No, not at this time".

An example of this is maybe the first time you called the prospect they told you no, I’m not looking or I don’t want to. A month later at work their boss gave a person in the office who does the same work you do a buck an hour more pay raise that they got. You happen to call the prospect that night and the prospect is might be a little more open at this time than he was a month ago. Because of this your prospect might now give you a different response like “Yes, what do you have?”

The best advice I give to those who really desire success in this industry is you must commit to "change". A friend said this to me years ago, “If you don’t change you direction you liable to end up where you’re headed.” In 1992 I took this to heart and made that change. Most successful networkers in the industry will agree you need to change your habits and your direction if you really want change to happen in your life. Things just don’t happen by accident, if you continue to do the same routine and not committing to change your life won't change. You must really be committed and devoted to changing your way of living and this start by committing a couple hours a day strictly to your new business venture. These changes can be during the day, examples are: When driving to and from work instead of listening to the radio or playing music, call a prospect or listen to educational information that will help you with your new business. Another example is to schedule lunch meeting with a prospect. The biggest challenge will be in the evening, give the TV a break, Dancing With The Stars will get you nowhere! Make a commitment and devote 2-3 hours a night to prospecting and working with your organization. The more time you can commit to your business the faster you will build your business. From the day you make the decision to get started make a commitment over the next 6-12 months to devote 2-3 hours a night 3-4 days a week. These hours should be telephone prospecting and self-education on products, training, personal development.

See you at the top!

Dale Hammerschmidt
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