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Monday, December 17, 2007

Network Marketing - Drive Traffic & Convert!

Knowledge about internet marketing is necessary for starting and building a strong and long term online business. However, you have to start somewhere and after reading decent material on how to make a start, the only way you can test things out is to get into it.It will not matter if you have the best product or the most amazing service because it's not about that. You must look for a system that WORKS to be successful online. Network marketing online is not rocket science but there are things that you must do on a daily basis to ensure your online success. Firstly, as mentioned above - find a system. Secondly, you have to find ways of driving traffic to your site and learn how to convert that traffic into $$$. That's it. End of story, nothing else. Oh, one other thing - the system must be fully automated and have support in place for newbies. That is crucial as you don't want to be sitting at your computer with a problem and nobody there to assist you.

Proven system + traffic generation + traffic conversion = $$$ Then you just duplicate it. That equals MASSIVE $$$

Here is the million dollar question - How do I drive traffic to my site? Well, there are two ways to do it. Paid and unpaid. You either pay for traffic or you find out ways to drive free traffic to your site. Either way, you must work on this every day, day in, day out setting up your campaigns ands testing to see which ones work and which ones don't. Then you work the hell out of the campaigns that work, driving more and more traffic until you have a steady stream coming through on a daily basis.

Okay - how do you find a proven system. Well, the Reverse Funnel System is one such system. It is a proven system that converts traffic into members which means that you pocket very large commissions indeed ( 4 figures in fact). There is, in fact, no better system in place online. The support is amazing. Okay, secondly, how do you find traffic?

Well, if you don't have time to work on generating free traffic, there are paid traffic sites whereyou go in and purchase leads and market to that list. Be careful here as many lists you buy have been sent to other people and/or are old lists and are pretty much worthless. Believe me, I know! The best leads that convert are called co-registration leads and they are extremely targeted leads that are warm. That is, they are looking for the opportunity that you are trying to convert. These leads are expensive though. But, they do convert much better. Also Pay Per Click is another way to go. An example of PPC is Google Adwords. By using adwords, you can set up a campaign and test it to see how it is going. You set a price that you pay per click. That is, every time someone clicks on the ad that you set up, you must pay google.

Free advertising campaigns are numerous. You can set up a blog and post information and articles that refer to your business. You can get right into web 2.0 stuff by setting up a myspace site or a squidoo site. You can write an article and send it to a number of article sites. You can write a Press Release. You can write a solo ad and submit it to an ezine.You can get onto forums that are related to your area of marketing and leave your link in the signature part of your post. People get to know you on forums and will therefore begin to trust you. They will click through. You must be consistent though and promote in some way every day to get traffic flowing to your site. Always use your thoughts and imagination in internet marketing. Be confident in whatever you do and it will never go to waste and the results will be there for you.

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