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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mobile Phone

Harga Hp Nokia - All over the world, there has to be at least a case of child kidnapping that occurs. After the kidnapping, the kidnappers usually ask for very large ransoms that are normally out of reach of the family affected. Being in remote locations, the police may try and track the phone call to know the locations where the phone call is being made from. But some kidnappers have studied how long it would take the police to trace that call and know the exact time to cut it after negotiations.

Nokia X6 - But I have good news for you. You can keep track of your child by using his/her phone. This will work well especially of your phone is a 3G phone. I say this because there is new software that has been created to help individuals track their phones after losing it or after a mugging or theft. This can be applied to locating your child wherever he/she may go. Here is what I mean:

As we know children are very adventurous. As they walk home they see things of interest and would like to explore more. In a short while, they notice that they are lost. Now if these children had these phones then you would be able to locate where they are or be able to know the last place they could have visited. This is all because of a mobile tracking software that is installed on their phone. How it works is that if your child is lost or kidnapped and the original sim card on his phone is changed, a message will be immediately sent to your cell phone, which you had registered with when downloading the software on your child’s phone i.e. when you install the software on your child’s phone you have to register your number so that in case your child’s sim card is replaced you can be able to know where they are. This is because the text message sent to your mobile phone shows the location details of your child. You then take the necessary steps to get your child.

So don’t be worried about your adventurous child. Have this software installed on his phone and keep track of him/her!!
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