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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Melinda Dennehy Nude Pics

Melinda Dennehy Hot Photos A female teacher in New Hampshire, United States (U.S.) to send nude photos to student who was 15 years old. As a result she is now forced to undergo counseling for his actions are.

Melinda Dennehy brought to court on a charge of obscene acts against minors. In court, the 41-year-old woman pleaded guilty to the action. As a result of its action is not senonohnya, Dennehy punishable by jail time. Thus preached, Tuesday (07/27/2010).

But the jail sentence was deferred for good attitude and kooperatifnya during the investigation. He also promises not to do again or contact the school where she formerly taught.

Dennehy also committed to keep running the counseling process and hope to continue their activities daily. Dennehy was arrested in March last, after a photograph circulated in the school where he teaches.
Three weeks after the photograph circulated, Dennehy immediately resigned from the job as a teacher.
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