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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Samsung Galaxi

Samsung Galaxi - Samsung has issued a series of family continued their Galaxy Android phone, which was named Galaxy S. Before you dive into what this phone, it helps us know the five advantages over previously owned.

This product is premium-class mobile phone, in addition to carrying the Omnia Windows Mobile. What causes this phone was in 'caste' of the Samsung phone?

Super Screen AMOLED
Not only armed with Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode (AMOLED), like Samsung Wave, Galaxy, S-screen carrying the super nodes named Super AMOLED. Compared with AMOLED, the technology is claimed to be lighter, 80 percent reduced reflection of sunlight, and 20 percent more power efficient.

To prove the clarity, detikINET comparing three different technologies to respond 12 hours of sunlight at noon. AMOLED technology is owned by Galaxy Super S, AMOLED HTC's Desire, and TFT LCDs of Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini pro.

Although exposed to the sun dazzled him, Samsung Galaxy S proved to be more clearly demonstrated than AMOLED display's menu HTC and Sony Ericsson TFT LCD. Not only that, the phone displays are also not easily soiled by the hand and scratch-resistant seal.

To prove it, scratch the glass detikINET phone with a bike lock and do not cause scars scratches on the screen. Unlike the iPhone and some other touch screen phones, this phone seems to have no longer needs anti-scratch layer.

4 Inch Screen
Unless Dell Streak the soon-screen will appear with five inchinya, Galaxy S is one of the widest-screen Android phone today. Carry the 4-inch screen size, users will feel 'better' when watching YouTube or read a pdf file.

While the resolution, this phone has a 800x480 pixel size. Not only that, this phone also is equipped for 5 megapixel autofocus camera and video recording capabilities up to 720p (30fps).

Internal memory 16 GB
One is arguably rival mobile phone is HTC's new Android ranks. Even though, in terms of internal memory capacity is superior to S Galaxy.

With 16 GB of internal memory, users can menyimpn larger data without the need to purchase a micro SD card again. Call it the latest whiz HTC Desire which has only 512 MB of internal memory.

Swype is one of the latest features from Samsung. This technology makes it easy to write sentences with only shift the letters on the touch screen. As a result users do not need to type one by one letter. For example when I want to write 'Nokia', simply press the 's' and then immediately slide into the 'a' to 'g'. Outside the English language, vocabulary words in the Indonesian language is quite complete.

Could Be Wireless Modem
One of the unexpected detikINET this phone is an innate ability to be used as a modem. Like the famous application named Joiku Spot, Samsung Galaxy S has a mobile setting AP (Access Ponint) inherent in the phone.

With this users can immediately take advantage of this phone connection to access their favorite devices, such as the iPad or netbooks and laptops. Put it beside the iPad S Galaxy, and turn on congenital Samsung Mobile AP. And, voila ... Happy browsing!
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