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Friday, November 26, 2010

Michael Brea Ugly Betty Role

Michael Brea Ugly Betty Role, Shocking news came from the world of celebrities with the case of Michael Brea Ugly Betty Role, Many people are puzzled why that tragic event could happen. As with many curious quote above this tragedy "What was michael Brea role in ugly betty?". This is so sick. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family. Charges are pending against Brea, who had a small part in "Step Up 3D".

What was michael Brea role in ugly betty much sought after information and news this evening, quite shocking news for all parties Brea was no only known as his role in "Ugly Betty", he recently appeared, Ugly Betty star Michael Brea killed his mother, ninja style.

Michael Brea, who once acted in a small role in “Ugly Betty” was taken into custody yesterday after he allegedly killed his own mother with a 3 feet sword. The shocking incident took place in Brooklyn and the neighbors of the actor reported that the man was screaming bible messages while he was killing his own mother! Michael Brea’s neighbor called police after they heard violent screams on the early hours of Tuesday morning.

However, a reputed media source reported that the neighbors of the actor have complained that initially the cops refused to enter the apartment despite they repeated requests. Gregory Clare said that the police waited for an hour before entering the apartment where Michael Brea was holding his samurai sword and uttering rants to his mother. However, police could not say if Michael Brea has hired any attorney.
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