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Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Walking Dead Episode 6

The Walking Dead Episode 6 Online Movie Stream Video If you like horror films, I am sure you liked the tv series "The Walking Dead" which is an American television series that was made based on comic book with the same title. It was premiered on the cable network AMC on October 31, 2010.

The Walking Dead Episode 6 in This TV series is aired on TV once a week. The first season will feature six episodes. Last episode that aired was The Walking Dead episode 4 titled "Vatos" on November 21, 2010. Did you watch it?

Watch The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 6 Video Youtube Streaming Online

If you missed the  The Walking Dead episode 4 or The Walking Dead Episode 5, below is summary of the story that I found on wikipedia:

While still in search of Merle, the group tries to retrieve the bag of guns but are attacked by several living men who also seek the weapons. The group manages to grab an injured attacker, but several others attackers escape in a vehicle, taking Glenn with them as a hostage. After interrogating their own hostage, Rick and the others learn the location of their attackers' hideout and head there hoping to make a prisoner trade. They are rebuffed by the Latinos, who demand the bag of guns along with a prisoner exchange. The threat of bloodshed is avoided when an elderly woman (the grandmother of one of the Latinos) disrupts the confrontation. Grimes and his men realize that the "thug" image their hosts portray is just a protective front. The Latino "gang" is made up of former employees of a hidden nursing home that still has many of its elderly inhabitants hiding within. Rick leaves them some of the guns and the men exchange prisoners and depart. Upon leaving, they discover their van missing and conclude that Merle has stolen it. Back at camp a large group of walkers ventures up the hill and takes the survivors by surprise. Several members are killed including Andrea's younger sister Amy and Carol's husband Ed. Rick and the rescuers return to camp just in time to kill the remaining walkers.
The story is getting exciting? Then do not ever miss the next episode, The Walking Dead episode 5, entitled Wildfire, which will be broadcast on 28th November 2010 and the Walking Dead Episode 6 which will be aired on the 05th December 2010.

The Walking Dead Episode 6 is the last episode for the first season, it said the second season will be made in 13 episodes, but not yet known when it will be aired.
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