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Saturday, November 27, 2010

William Levy Gutierrez

William Levy Gutierrez, actor who born in Cojimar, La Havana, Cuba, August 29, 1980 was a top model in Latin America who is now also being loved by Indonesian woman because of his role as dr. Juan Miguel San Roman in his debut as a main actor in the telenovela Cuidado con en angel or which is in Indonesia simplified into Marichuy.

Meanwhile, William Levy Gutierrez is currently busy with the role of protagonists as Maximiliano Sandoval in a Mexican telenovela called Triunfo Del Amor (Triumph of Love).

Of course many women like William Levy, not only because of he is handsome, but he's athletic and cool too. He was married to Elizabeth Gutierrez, William had a son and a daughter.

William Levy Gutierrez Pictures and Photo Galery

William Levy who is paired with Maite Perroni in Triunfo del Amor telenovela, participated in a race to support Children who are rehabilitated in the crit telethon, said the rumors.

His kiss with Maite Perroni that look real when they play a role as Maria Desamparada and Maximiliano Sandoval in the Triunfo del Amor become conversation among people, but William said it was the demand of the scenario, if they were asked to kiss 10 seconds then they also will do 10 seconds, they must do it in order to bring the characters to life. They're just artists and actors, he said.
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